Kat Von D Mi Kida Loca Palette review

Hey everyone!

So i recently (actually like a month ago) picked up Kat Von D’s newest palette from Sephora.  That’s right, Australia has now jumped onto the Sephora bandwagon!

I literally jumped for joy and did a girlish little squeal when I first saw her palette in the Christmas Gifts section.  I was so close to pushing through the line that I’d already been waiting in for 10 minutes, but I managed to keep it together.



Okay, let’s point out the obvious, it is absolutely beautiful, definitely the most aesthetically pleasing makeup items that I own in my collection.  The casing is very weighted, so it feels very high quality, which is nice since us Aussie’s will be paying $85 for it.  The palette includes 24 shadows, including 12 matte shadows and 12 shimmer, altogether containing 60 grams of product.



Straight off the bat, I would have to say that it’s a little annoying that you can’t just open the palette up like you would a z palette, you actually need to remove a separate piece which the eyeshadows are encased in.  But I’ve managed to get past that… for obvious reasons.

The shadows are arranged in a colour wheel formation, which is very handy, especially for people struggling to pair colours together.



The middle circle contains all of the neutral shades, which can be used mainly for blending and balancing out the brighter shades.  It’s convenient that Kat has placed them in the centre, making it easier to navigate, almost as if you can work from the inside to outside.

Moulder: a neutral, matte highlight shade with yellow undertones, similar to Urban Decay’s Foxy, however, it shows up more pigmented on the skin.  I like to use it to highlight my brow bone as well as using it to “blur” out harsh lines.

Noble: a warm neutral brown, an ideal matte shade for a transition colour in the crease.  Although I do prefer to use this in conjunction with Makeup Geek’s Peach Smoothie, because I have found that it can be a little choppy on it’s own.

Vox: is a rich, cool toned, matte brown, which can be used easily as a replacement to black because it is just so dark.  I love this shade to deepen out my outer V for a more smokey affect.

Strutter: is a warm taupe brown, with a matte finish.  I tend to lean towards this shade when i want to use any of the greens, blue’s of purples in the palette.

Lyric: is an opaque, pearly beige with an intense sheen.  Lyric is super creamy and easy to blend, very similar to MAC Shroom.  I love this as an inner corner highlight as well as a cheekbone highlight for paler skin tones.

Black Metal: is everything you’d expect from a good black shadow, very, very black.  It’s really pigmented so you’ll need to use it with a light hand if you want to avoid a blackout smokey eye.

Skulls: an intense pearly white with a crazy metallic finish.  It’s almost got a pink colour shift in some lights.  I love this mixed in with some of my more golden highlights, to add a pinky duo-chrome effect.


Harpsichord: a gorgeous rusty orange with gold shimmers.  This is probably my favourite colour in the whole palette, it is soooo beautiful, the perfect burnt orange which can compliment such a wide range of eye colours(even my muddy brown ones).

Analogue: A bright orange with warm, yellow undertones, with a matte finish.  Really pigmented and creamy and looks so amazing alongside Nars Persia.

Fran: is a sunflower yellow colour, with a slight overspray of shimmer, even though it is unnoticeable when blended out.  Looks very pretty when used to blend out warmer colours in the crease.

Legend: is a yellow gold with a pearly undertone.  This looks really pretty on the inner corner of the eyes or even on the cheekbones for people with deeper skin tones.

Misfit: is a chartreuse green with a slight golden sheen, although it isn’t all the noticeable on the skin.

Lemmy: I wasn’t a huge Motorhead fan, but I adore this shade!  A deep forest green with a metallic sheen, it reminds me a bit of Mac’s club, but a little less brown.

Hyperballad: is a deep peacock teal with a matte finish.  At first glance I felt that it was very similar to MAC’s Plumage and Makeup Geek’s Peacock, but I think it comes off as a little lighter and more blue.  Although the shadow is very pigmented I have found that it works best with a black base underneath.

Synth: is a bright, “in your face” blue with very faint silver micro-shimmer throughout, although it is mostly matte.



Dark Wave: is a deep, sea blue with a mostly matte finish, I thought that it was slightly dustier and less pigmented than the other colours but it worked really nicely over a primer.

Echo: comes off as a dark, violet-purple colour with blue undertones and a chunky silver glitter.  Although the colour is aesthetically pleasing, you really need to work at it to maintain the glittery payoff, since it can sometimes get a little bit lost.

Muse: is a pale, iridescent lavender colour with a slight satin sheen.  It has a really gorgeous blueish, cool toned shift in some lights, which makes it even prettier when you place it over a black base.

Anthem: is a plummy grape colour with faint micro-shimmer throughout and a satin finish.  This looks super pretty alongside golds and oranges, to create a really vibrant contrast.

Love: is a light rose shade with warm undertones and a frosty shade, it is absolutely stunning! Probably one of my favourite shades in the palette, it’s very versatile and goes with so many different looks.

Swoon: is a bright fuchsia pink with cool undertones and a matte finish, quite similar to Simply Marlena by Makeup Geek but a little brighter.  It has really nice pigmentation and doesn’t loose coverage once you start blending.

Destroyer: is a medium orange toned red with warm undertones and a matte finish.  I love how it looks when paired with Echo.

Rewind: is a dark burgundy with a plummy sheen and warm undertones, it is so pretty all over the lid for an autumn inspired makeup look.


I love this palette… a lot.

I’m really happy that I bought it, even though it cost me an arm and a leg. The colours are so unique and fun, that I’ve found myself creating looks that I’d usually be way too scared to wear.  The colour-wheel formation is especially handy since I was fairly new at pairing colours together that aren’t neutrals when I first bought this palette.

I would give it a 8.5/10!  Even though I know that it may not be for everyone, I think it is a lovely addition to any makeup hoarders collection.  The colours a beautiful, the pigmentation is amazing, and you can create sooo many different looks with it.  Especially when using a primer or a black or white base, depending on the lid colour. My only peeve with the palette is that it doesn’t flip open like an ordinary palette, so it can be a little inconvenient to use.  Also, the colours are so intensely pigmented, that you really need to use a light hand when dabbing your brush into the colours, otherwise you’ll end up with a very colourful bathroom.



insta: lazpasta